As you may already know the Marshall name is synonymous with guitar amplification. What you will probably not know is that the founder of Marshall Amplification, Jim Marshall OBE, was in fact a drummer and a drum teacher. Jim was as passionate about drums as he was about amps.

The Natal design team have produced a stunning range of drums, snare drums and hardware. Every part and component is designed from the ground up, with specific instruction from Jim that those parts and components should be non-generic. Jim believed that Natal drums and hardware should not only be innovative but they should also have an integrity that, like Marshall Amps, will stand the test of time.

Natal Stave and Hand Hammered snare drums were particularly close to Jim’s heart because they are built at the Marshall factory in Milton Keynes, England. To bring drum manufacturing back to Britain when so much is produced abroad is an achievement of which Jim was particularly proud.