Natal DNA Stealth Practice Kit

Natal DNA Stealth Practice Kit
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Named after the founder Alan Sharp and his wife, Natalie, Natal offer style and quality at prices accessible to all drummers. From their flagship Original line to their beginner EVO kits, they know how to craft drums for the players. Being around since 1958, they know a thing or two about what goes into producing successful drum products - the DNA Stealth Practice Kit is no different.

Low volume, small profile, big impact

Tuneable mesh heads produce a drum-like tone without the volume that comes with it. Same principle applies to the silent cymbals - real feel, reduced volume. Ideal as a first kit, it also lends itself to being a practice or secondary set up. Practice wise, it fits into the stereotypical bedroom and garage alike, but can also be used by people who have been playing for a while as a small and quiet kit whilst away from their bigger set-up.

Practice without annoying the neighbours

Everything you need to start drumming comes in the box, from the drums themselves to the hardware, silent cymbals, even a pair of drumsticks. The impressive volume reduction is stand out, so if volume is an issue then this kit can be your answer. If you want to start annoying the neighbours however, the quiet mesh heads and silent cymbals can be replaced by regular heads and cymbals easily - no need to hurt the wallet and upgrade to an acoustic, just upgrade two parts. With such reduced volume, 2/3rds the size of a regular kit and everything useable straight from the box, it's perfect for those looking to get drumming immediately!

Hybrid possibilities for boundless creativity

If the real kit feel is what you're after but feel like electrics might be part of your drumming direction, then why not replace the mesh heads and silent cymbals for real ones, putting triggers on the original silent mesh heads and cymbals? Because you can! Creating a super-customisable hybrid set-up is a bonus of this kit, so don't think you have to be silent forever.


  • Bass Drum: 18''
  • Snare Drum: 13''
  • Rack Tom: 10''
  • Floor Tom: 14''
  • Cymbals: Silent
  • Hardware: Snare Stand, Hi-hat Stand, Bass Drum Mounted Single Tom Holder, Cymbal Arm and Clamp, Kick Pedal


  • Manufacturer: Natal
  • Shell Material: Basswood
  • Heads: Mesh
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Code: K-DNB-F18-BKS


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