Dixon Drums 14 x 6.5'' Classic Series Sub Zero Maple w/Maple Hoops

Dixon Drums 14 x 6.5'' Classic Series Sub Zero Maple w/Maple Hoops
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Looking for an exciting, upgrade snare drum? The Dixon Drums 14 x 6.5'' Classic Series Sub Zero Maple w/Maple Hoops is for you. The maple shell provides a classic, full-bodied snare sound that sits brilliantly in any musical style. The snare is topped off with a satin brown maple hoop to deliver further warmth and durability to the shell. The 14'' x 6.5'' shell size provides a dominating tone with exceptional projection that drives through in any mix.


Easy to use, satisfying to play. The Classic Series Maple Snare Drum is fitted with a 'Flip-Drop' style throw-off, allowing you to instantly drop the snare wires and achieve a mixture of timbres.

Maple shell offers a versatile tone

Maple is renowned for its versatile, powerful sound. It contains boosted lows with high frequencies to make it work in almost any drumming style. Maple shells offer a more even sound and a warmer, more resonant tone. This kind of tone works great with a wide range of music. Maple also has excellent aesthetic qualities. Shells crafted from maple wood tend to have a pristine and polished look, which looks stunning in any finish.

Feel the warmth of the maple hoops

Maple hoops helps the snare drum create a warmer and more rounded sound than its metal counterparts. They are very rigid and because of this they allow tuning to be more consistent and stable. They are also extremely durable and prevent damage such as cracking and splintering after years of use.

Fit for any stage

The Classic Series Sub Zero Maple Snare has an incredibly unique finish. Its Sub Zero white colour has a sparkling marble effect, catching the eye of any audience. The satin brown hoops and chrome hardware combine to make the shell stand out even further - looking astounding on any stage, in the studio or at home.


  • Size: 14'' x 6.5''
  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Hoop: Satin Brown Maple Hoop
  • Snare Throw-Off: Flip-Drop Style
  • Batter Side Drumhead: Evans G1 Coated
  • Resonant Side Drumhead: Standard
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Finish: Sub Zero White


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